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Protect Your Loved Ones

Without a Will your property will be divided according to government laws, which may not be in ac...

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Finish in 30 Minutes

If you have all of your information, you can go finish your Will in under 30 minutes. And all fro...

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Save Money By Doing it Yourself

UK solicitors charge hundreds of pounds on average for a simple Will. Complex Wills cost even mor...

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“Simple, fast, and straightforward. If you feel that your situation fairly straightforward,...

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“quickly and easily”

“Historically I have dragged my feet when it came to creating a will mainly because of the ...

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“I recently purchased and prepared my Last Will and Testament and was surprised to find how...

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What the Media Says About Us:


“very comprehensive”

Many thanks go out to Michael Scutt (a solicitor in private practice) for writing about our entry...

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“super convenient”

Many thanks go out to Charles Christian of Legal Technology Insider for mentioning us in their bl...

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“helping everyday people”

Many thanks go out to The Firm Magazine for writing this article about our entry into the UK mark...

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